Monday, August 6, 2012

Ruin is the road to Transformation

The ruins of a marriage do not have to mean life is over. Out of the ashes can rise a phoenix, ready and willing to transform into new life. This is the opportunity to set a new course for yourself, to discover what you enjoy, taking advantage of the time now afforded you to do just what you like. Divorce feels like the end of the world and sadly is for many people. Don't let that happen to you. Take time for you and transform your life into the best life possible. Ruin really is the road to transformation!

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Holly Hayes2024 said...

Dating after divorce can prove to be a challenge for a lot of men, especially those that were deep into a marriage, meaning they either put in a lot of years or a lot of their energy and experience into trying to make the marriage work. When you spend quite a bit of time operating as a couple, and suddenly you find yourself back out there all by yourself, it can throw you for a bit. Suddenly, you are no longer part of a couple, you are just YOU.

Dating Again After Divorce

Eric K. Johnson said...

Save your self the trouble and heart ache and don't get married.

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Jane Thompson Hasenmueller said...

Eric, I know you see all the ugliness of divorce. My second husband went through one of the ugliest divorces his lawyers had ever seen. When we married, he had been divorced three years, but that didn't stop the continued legal action on her part, for almost 7 more years. We have weathered the storm, but at times it was depressing and difficult. It is tempting to feel that marriage is not worth it, but I know that if we would put more into our decision to marry and did the work beforehand, we would see a lot less people in divorce court. My husband's lawyer, whom we became good friends with, recently married. We often laughed with him about seeing what my husband had been through would keep him from marrying. Hopefully, he will not go through the same. My best to you!